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Brand Ambassadors can be single, committed, or married. H4C offers all relationship statuses a unique way to promote without crossing any lines. If you’re already spoken for why not show your friends where they can find that same kind of happiness.  Remember were more than just niche based dating. We’re also a solution to find friends or activity partners. H4C is committed to making people happy by connecting them with like-minded individuals that support their lifestyle.


Brand Ambassadors should have


  • A positive, uplifting attitude
  • A genuine passion for outdoor activities
  • A social media following & platform to share our message
  • A desire to be part of a meaningful movement to help people get connected

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Receive these Rewards

  • Free access to our site for you or a friend
  • Free access to our site for you or a friend
  • Discounted merchandise from our partners
  • Personal Social Media Promotion on this site
  • Access to our content library to help you promote
  • One-time entry to new member give away drawings
  • Invitation to participate in special photo or video shoots
  • Access to our private Brand Ambassador Facebook group
  • Partner Product Give aways and incentives (Tactacams, Hiding Hilda Purses, Walk on Archery targets)


Preferred Requirements

  • 3,000+ Facebook friends
  • 2,000+ Instagram followers
  • Having an active and engaging social media presence
  • Create one picture and one 30 second video announcing your Brand Ambassador status.
  • Post a min of one photo/video per week of you in the outdoors mentioning & tagging H4C.
  • Hand out business cards that we will supply when attending outdoor events, expos or banquets.
  • Share at least two pieces of our content to any of your social media platforms per week.


If you’re passionate about the outdoors, apply below today.