Establishing New Connections

Establishing New Connections

Date nights for us were few and far between when a child is involved. Not saying that as a bad thing at all, just that alone time is very limited. One day we got a sitter so that we could actually go out to eat. After having a nice dinner together, we stopped by what used to be Gander Mountain. We looked at many things like guns and hunting gear. Then we moved on to the bow section.

Seeing them all displayed on the wall, it sparked my interests. He thought it be a great activity for us to do together, so he picked out a cheaper one for me to start off with. You might ask why get a cheap one? Well since I’ve never shot one before, there’s no guarantee I’d even like it. So we walked out with a Barnett Vortex youth bow, some arrows, and a release. I left there very excited to get started on shooting it.

So here we are shooting bows together in the late afternoons instead of “going out” for a date. What’s really considered a “date” anyways? It’s simply where a couple just wants to have some special time together. I believe that’s exactly what we were doing. You don’t always have to go out and spend money for a date. As long as your spending quality time together and establishing a connection with each other that’s all that matters.

He spent many days working with me in all aspects of shooting. From the draw back and anchor, to the aim and follow through. Once I started gaining the basics of shooting, he moved on to having me shoot a deer target. Coaching me on where to aim at and how to make an ethical shot to harvest a deer. He even began to prepare me on when and how to draw back while hunting.

As the summer was coming to an end, I noticed some changes in myself. Sure I battled some sore muscles and frustrations, but I fought through them which ultimately built my strength up. I felt stronger and my shots were improving as well. I didn’t know it then but he was preparing me for the upcoming deer season. He finally confessed to me that he had been gradually increasing my draw weight ever so often until I was maxxed out at 45lbs. I was in total shock but then excitement kicked in.

I continued shooting and working on my accuracy so that I’d gain more confidence in myself. Even Daniel continued helping me when I needed it. Closer to the season opening he set out a couple ground blinds for me to hunt from. There was no way I was hunting from a stand that early with my fear of heights at that time. He also got me geared up in new camo and made sure I had everything else that I’d need. Then prepared me as much as he could with the basics because he was having me hunt alone to gain experience. He knew I’d learn even more on my own. The night before, I laid everything out so I wouldn’t forget a thing.

That first morning, I head out into the darkness to the blind. I was a little spooked but the stars were shining so bright, it calmed me down enough until I got to the blind. After getting situated and my bow was nocked, I unzipped the windows and waited for day break.

When the sun came up over the trees, it began to really warm up fast. There was just something incredibly peaceful about that moment as life around me began to wake up and move. On into the morning, I finally spotted some deer crossing the field on the other side. They were way to far to shoot with my bow so I just watched. They possess such pure beauty that who wouldn’t enjoy watching them. After awhile I decided to go back for lunch. So I packed up and headed to the house. Walking back I couldn’t help but smile. Sure I didn’t shoot anything, but I still enjoyed my first official hunt.

After a nice lunch, we both headed back out separately to hunt. It got really hot by then but I held out hope on seeing something. Once at the blind, I got situated and waited. It was a long, hot sit but the sunset was incredible. After it got dark, I packed up and headed home.

What an amazing first day of hunting. Even though I didn’t harvest a deer, it was still a great day. I was definantly hooked and desired to learn more. I felt connected out there and my heart was connecting even more to my special guy. You never know how the outdoors will change someone’s life. For me, it was definantly for the better in so many ways. Those experiences should be cherished, especially when establishing new connections.

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Written By: Holly Overman

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