New Life after Divorce

New Life after Divorce

New Life After Divorce

New Life After Divorce

A 3 year marriage ended in divorce. I was left with an empty feeling and insecurities. I struggled with depression, anxiety, and stress from the mental and emotional abuse. Many times when you “love” someone, you become blinded by what should be obvious. I longed to get outdoors again and back to my roots.

The great memories of fishing with my grandfather, exploring, and climbing trees to watch wildlife tugged at my heart. I never been hunting before but started gaining an interest the older I got. Just never had the opportunity. However one day very soon it was all about to change…

The Change

I met Daniel through social media and we talked on a regular basis. At the time I wasn’t looking for anyone due to my situation, but God had other plans. Daniel happened to be an avid hunter and devoted father to an awesome 6 year old boy.

After some time had past, he invited me to go turkey hunting with him. Immediately I accepted that offer, just unsure on what to wear since I didn’t own hunting gear. Luckily I found a camo shirt and a pair of faded out camo cargo pants. I knew that I had boots so I was all set for my first ever hunt.

The Hunt

The next day I woke up excited and ready for adventure. After he showed up, we headed out to one of his many spots. The whole way there it felt like a dream, but I knew it was real. Once we arrived, he handed me gloves and a mask then off we went to find the turkeys. I wasn’t familiar with the area and I didn’t care. I was just happy to finally be in the outdoors again.

As we gradually walked up this big hill, he’d randomly stop and attempt to locate them by calling. Since I was new to all this, I just watched what he did and followed his lead. When we approached the field, he looked through his binoculars to see if they were out there. Once he saw that it was clear, we made our way around the field for a good spot to set up at.

He got us tucked under some trees and hidden by a little stake out blind. He put out a decoy in hopes of luring in a gobbler if one does come out. We sat there for the longest talking and cutting up to pass the time while we waited. I found myself feeling appreciated for the first time in years.

A moment later I happened to look up the field where we came from because something caught my attention. I then realized it was turkeys and nudged him to let him know. So he re-positioned and did some calling to work him in. I just set back and enjoyed the show.

What an amazing show it was to watch too. A nice gobbler strutting around out there with his hens all fluffed and fanned out. They slowly worked their way around the field and the moment he gobbled, something ignited in my soul. Right then an overwhelming desire of this new passion was under way.

Soon afterwards it became clear they weren’t coming any closer. Instead they ended up wandering off back into the woods at another area of the field. Daniel looked at me and said he was going to circle around to get ahead of him for a better shot. I felt it was best that I stay put because I didn’t want to screw him up or slow him down.

While sitting there alone for as long as I was, it gave me time to think. I was enjoying my time out there so much that I began to reevaluate my life. I might’ve been through alot, but my future is what I make it. Being outdoors like this took me back to my roots. Back to where I felt the safest. I knew then it was time for some changes.

After what felt like an hour, he finally emerges from the woods empty handed. He told me about how he came close to shooting him until a hen messed him up. He said they moved on so we’re going to pack up and head out. I was bummed it was over but thankful for the new experience. When we got back to the truck, he invited me to go hunting with him again. I gladly accepted because I was beyond hooked and finally found where I belong in a new life.

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